Nethys (pronounced NETH-uhs) is a god who holds magic above all things. He gained enough power to witness all things, and this both fueled his divinity and shattered his mind. He is a god of magic, torn between destroying the world with one hand and saving it with the other.


Ancient Osiriani texts tell of a God-King whose mastery of magic allowed him to gain unparalleled power. With these abilities he became a god by seeing all that transpired on all planes. However, this omnipresent knowledge also drove him irreparably mad. This dual-edged nature of magic is cherished by his followers and is epitomized in his apotheosis.


Although his madness makes it hard to act on long-term plans Nethys is active and approachable by all deities for aid in their ventures. He remains neutral for the most part, unless his powers of omnipresent knowledge reveal he is being betrayed or threatened. He particularly allies with those requiring the use of magic, regardless of nefarious or benevolent cause.

Despite his indifference, there is one area where Nethys will never act and that is to support followers of Rovagug in freeing their master for there are limits to Nethys’ love of destruction and the annihilation of Golarion is not his wish. Gorum and Nethys share a mutual appreciation. As Irori and Nethys are the only mortals to have ascended to deity status without the aid of the Starstone, Nethys has a special interest in the Master of Masters.

Appearance and Emissaries

Nethys appears as a frightening male human emanating with great energy. One side of him is youthful and dominating, almost glowing with power, while his other half is charred and crackling with leaking magics.


Nethys holds magic above all things, those unable to do or use magic are held as lesser by the faith, denied the divine majesty of working spells. Creatures with magic abilities or properties are held as sacred to his faith.


Appearing as woman-shaped cloud of crackling energy, Nethys’ herald is either black or white depending on Nethys’ intentions. She can transform objects and shoot eldritch rays.


Noble Bard appears as a Nethys-masked trumpet archon. The mask acts as her instrument to aid in her specialism of magic, which is associated with sound, music or rhythm. She is a favoured servant of the god of magic, Nethys, who may be summoned by lesser agents of the god.


This favored servant of Nethys is a mighty semi-skeletal lich. Thoroughly evil, Takaral is a master of magic, especially that of the necromancy school. He owns a strange spherical arcane implement that prevents damage to his allies.


Terribly beautiful, Yamasha looks like a succubus demon with the wings of a hawk. She is a favoured servant of the god of magic, Nethys that may be summoned by lesser agents of the god. Yamasha is a mistress of the conjuration and enchantment schools of magic. Her token is a feather plucked from her wing, which she presents to any mortal who has summoned her as a reminder of the agreement of a return service that she demands as payment for her own.

Church of Abadar

The learned and powerful church of Nethys is as divided as its god, many even actively opposing rival temples. Magic and the ability to cast it is held above all other things.

Worshipers and Clergy

Nethys is worshipped by all sorts of wizards and clerics, and all those with an interest in magic and its use and advancement. Rank within the clergy is determined by magical knowledge and power, with the former more important in benign temples, and the latter taking precedence in the more malevolent temples.

While many consider following Nethys an odd choice for a knight, these scholars have equal devotion to the skills of battle and magic. Over the centuries, devotees of Nethys have spread the spells found in Serren’s Field Manual, a tome dedicated to the support of knights and soldiers.

Temples and Shrines**

Temples of Nethys can take any shape, from that of a wizard’s laboratory to fortress or even a small palace. They are always staffed by magically knowledgeable people, and take quite a mercenary approach to their services. Different temples may have a different focus in magic, or a preference towards on of Nethys’ aspects, however many try to maintain balance. The holy scripts of Nethys are always written on a temples interior walls.

Holy Texts

The clergy consider all books of magic to be holy texts to the All-Seeing Eye, and most of the scripts and writings associated with his faith include spellcraft, and dual methods of application and interpretation. Often in immediately contradicting paragraphs.

The Book of Magic

This is a comprehensive guide for channeling magic and the ramifications of its use and misuse.


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