Treasure Scales

Session #2: Experience & Loot

The Freezening

Good session everybody, still need a full summery of last session – but parts of this session are even more confusing and need to be laid out so that Roland knows what happened. As always recording of this session is on our Recorded Sessions page.

Session #3 will be March 16th.


  • 1,200 XP – Human Rogue
  • 1,200 XP – Discovering the Skull Safe
  • 800 XP – Heroic Rescue

TOTAL XP = 3,000 XP / 3 = 1,000 XP each.

Note: You are level 2, level your character.


  • Rogue Gear > Guards?
  • Rogue Whistle > Quinn?
  • Resurrection Potion > Used
  • Map of Lamashtu & Note > Quinn
  • Farmhouse Deed & Note > Quinn
  • Payments of 333 1/3 > City of Scale
  • Exotic Minerals Testing Kit > Quinn


Items –
Whistle was given to the guards as evidence found instead of a body that the fake guards took.

Some note I wrote down for myself after dieing and then learning that I didn’t need to reroll a character. Haha. Thanks Paul! :D

- Qyinn – Who may need to change her name now that the person named Qyinn has died.
- Rules of the the Seelie Court may have been broken.
- For an elf that cherishes all things living, what would they feel or what changes would they go under after being brought back to life.

Here is what my thoughts are on this topic out of character with the 2 items in mind above.

After death Qyinn is a changed person. Partially for her weakness and partially because she feels that she let the two people she has been closest to in over 15 years down. Scar had belief and being a pious man seemed to overcome what she knew to be, this was beyond her skills. She had belief in that the Human Gods had a plan and it was her responsibility to see it though. This allowed her to not see the truth that comes from knowing one’s limits as a professional.

If asked now, if she is happy to still be alive, her answer is no. Her heart and soul are in anguish.

This experience has manifested in her not taking time to calculate the ramifications of her actions. She made it very clear to the Lieutenant that he is at fault for her being jailed as he physically held the book when she was taken into the city to stand trial. But she will keep her peace now that it is the city that requires her to keep her residence status and is placing her in danger.

Her alignment may not be able to remain True Neutral for long. It’s hard to remain balanced when the world is falling apart around you. Especially since you cannot tell it is your soul that is cracked and not the world.

Session #2: Experience & Loot

NPCs –
Duncan the Guard Commander
Boris a Cleric that watched over Qyinn

Day 7 – Trial completed
– Group visited Glorglok’s shop to check in with him and made sure he made it all right.
– A Pirate Map was mentioned and possible work in the future
– Loot from travels was sold for 132g or 33 each
– Roland was with the temple to discuss what should be done.
– A package was addressed Qyinn
a) Vial of opalescent liquid wit silver stopper and bird symbol stopper.
1) Note “from a friend” and a vanishing misty eye symbol
2) Map of surrounding area taken from the evil book
3) Deed to plot of land outside city and can be found within the map
4) Note attached to map stating ‘for dangerous items’ and an blackened etching of a symbol of a what looks to be a wooden pitcher of liquid with flowers

Day 8 – Research
– Quinn went to do legal and boring things. I.E. verify the deed was legally hers, and request historical documents as far back as possible for the history of the land owners before.
– Roland and Scar went on to research the Copper Elves Forest, research books on elves, and offended an elf in the Druid area of town
– The house was found to have a gray mark that denoted hit this place
– Quinn remarked it stating ‘honor among thieves’ then stayed up to do research on map and check/update any changes based on what areas she is aware of

Night 8 – to battle
– A thief was in the home and she scared the would be burglar off. She then went below to warn the others and found herself exhausted.
– A thief in masterwork gear and armor did battle, and was defeated after the party chased him out of the window, literally.
– Unknown to the party 2 ‘guards’ named Buckwheat and Charles took the body away (gear included save the signal whistle0 and told the citizens to come in the AM to give a statement.

Day 9 the city guards have a problem
– The party learned that the man (and his gear) were never taken in by the real guards.
– Scar devised a plan for telling guards from real/fake
– Qyinn made a few trips, first to give her statement, pay some of the fine, stopped by to borrow a gold testing kit, and let her less than normal services be known by leaving word with the Barman at the Humping Dwarf.
– Trap was sprung killing Quinn

Several days passed in recovery

Day 12 on the road again
– Players are once again fooled by the fake guards and the gold skull (S&B) worth over 100k was removed from house.
– City is not paying for inn, thieves are
– City will pay for the house rent in order to keep Qyinn from leaving until more can be done to track down fake guards.
– Party will be leaving to the outskirts of town and to the Copper Elf forest and the deed of land

Session #2: Experience & Loot

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