Treasure Scales

Session #1: Experience & Loot

Poor unfortunate souls.

Thanks for the great session everybody, if somebody would like to take on a summary for this session you can take a whack at the wheel of fortune. You can find the recording of this session on our Recorded Sessions page. Session #2 will be February 23rd.


  • 600 XP – Cheetah
  • 800 XP – Gnoll x2
  • 600 XP – Cleric of Lamashtu
  • 600 XP – Saving McGlorious Emporium
  • 1000 XP – Sanctifying the tower of Desna

TOTAL XP = 3600 XP / 3 = 1200 XP each.

Note: We are doing “medium” experience growth in this setting.


  • Perfect Cheetah Hide > Quinn
  • Firebug in a Bottle > McGlory
  • Gnoll Leather Armor x2 > Scale
  • Gnoll Spears x2 > Quinn
  • Gnoll Battleaxe x2 > Quinn
  • Citrine (35 gp) > Quinn
  • Jackal Mask > Scale
  • Unholy Symbol of Lamashtu > Broken
  • Ceremonial Dagger > Scale
  • Book of Lamashtu > Scale
  • Scroll of Spiritual Weapon > Quinn
  • Small Silver Plate (65 gp) > Quinn
  • Old Holy Symbol of Desna > Roland
  • 30 Gold > Unknown
  • 1000 Gold Debt to Scale > Melissa

Summary by Paul

This tale starts with a humble beginning where three adventurers, a Cleric of Desna named Roland, a wandering monk who calls himself “Scar”, and an ambitious Rogue/Cartographer known as Crystallos, gather together at the nearby Church of Desna to investigate an abandoned tower once used to worship the Goddess of Freedom. After serious planning using the ancient blueprints Crystallos was able to decipher, these brave adventurers travel forth, past the walls of Scale and into the great unknown of the wilderness.

They initially encounter a towering Half-Arc entrepreneur, named Gloreglock McGlory, who was mysteriously being assaulted by firebugs. With his cart set aflame, the party assists the young Half-Orc by disposing the majority of the firebugs and managing to capture one. As Scar was disposing the firebugs by hand, he noticed these insects seemed to be magically and not created by mother nature. Once the situation had been alleviated, Gloreglock welcomed the party to visit his new shop, “McGlory Hole.” After a long and awkward explanation, the store was renamed, “Gloreglock Emporium.” The adventurers and Gloreglock then parted ways.

The next morning, the party set forth in their adventurer to find this abandoned tower. As they went deeper into the wilds, it was Scar’s keen survival instincts which managed to lead them the correct path. Shortly into their travel, Scar and Crystallos notice they are being stalked by an enemy unknown. As the party prepares itself, a cheetah appeared from the high grass and pounced Scar, a man now at the brink of death. Thankfully due to Crystallos expert swordsmanship and Roland’s powerful holy magic, the beast was slain and Scar was able to make a full-recovery.

The party finally reached their destination and immediately upon arrival noticed that the tower was no more. Merely stone and debris was all that remained. Crystallos stealthily approached the remaining stone circle and spotted several Gnolls guarding the dilapidated entrance. After a brief discussion, Crystallos figured out they were worshippers of Lamashtu, the mother of the malformed. Once Roland learned of this, a fire, one that could only be extinguished by Gnoll blood, burned inside him. Armed with his morning star, Roland rushed forth into battle.

As Roland and Scar battled the Gnolls outside the perimeter, Crystallos slyly snuck her way into the remains of the tower and began to explore its inner-depths. She found a young woman, who appeared to be a Priestess of Lamashtu, giving birth in a fountain of water. After heavy dialogue, the Priestess darkened the room with foul magics. Crystallos attempted to disarm the Priestess without killing her, for she did not want to harm the child being birthed. The Priestess was indifferent to the situation, neither caring for herself or the child, and strained herself to use dark magic and harm our heroine. As the room had been smothered of light, soon too did Crystallos fall into a state of darkness.

After Roland and Scar defeated the Gnolls in a gruesome battle leaving our nameless wander in a critical condition, the two bravely began their descent into the remains of the tower. Noticing the darkness was a creation of magic, Roland summoned forth his deity to cast out the shadows, brightening the room with a holy light. As our heroes noticed the grim and dark situation, they rushed forth to aid their friend. Roland tended to the wounds of Crystallos while Scar incapacitated the Priestess, who had finished giving birth. As the adrenaline from combat began to fade, they notice the horrific site around them – the room was full of blood and fetuses of the unborn.

Once they had recovered, it was decided to eliminate the Priestess and her hellspawn (unbeknownst to the party was both the mother and child were Tiefling). After physically and spiritually cleansing the remains of the tower, the party took the Priestess’ journal, a crude map and a holy symbol of Desna which went to Roland. As the party returned back to Scales, they found a wandering patrol of guardsmen. Due to a fumbling of words and the revealing of the Lamashtu journal, Crystallos was then incarcerated on the grounds of bringing unholy artifacts into the city. After appealing to the court system, Crystallos was sent free with a 1,000 gold debt to be paid. Our adventurers then retired at the burnt house which Crystallos called home and began to plan their next journey……


+ I have the Cheetah Hide on my list.

+ You get KOed and the party kills an innocent on the desecrated grounds of a rival deity… Makes me wonder, if I am now cursed because I did not stop our goodly aligned people from killing 1. an innocent and 2. committing murder. Or maybe I don’t care as long as I wasn’t cursed. /flip of a coin.

+ I would like to also offer a counter offer to the book being destroyed. The spells and rituals within are bad and I support that 100%. As part of my community services I will offer my assistance to work with/along side of the priest/mage that is tasked to determine how powerful this book is. If there is power in your unspoken name, there is power in knowing what and how the enemy thinks.

Session #1: Experience & Loot

Okay sorry for the last minute details. The basics of what we need to know is that,

[ Day 1 ]

- We have a blueprint of a temple and we were able to locate the area where the temple is. It is over a day travel along the road.
- Scar (Paul) was able to locate the forgotten path and guide our way towards where the temple once was. [40 min mark] and away from the thoroughfare.

- The path took us through tall grass and planes before we found a place to camp. Off the road but not on the patrolled road.
- Scar took on a role of rabbit hunter. Qyinn informed the party that she was a vegetarian.

- In the evening we came across the Half-Orc Merchant (squashed top hat) and flame sprites, having fun setting the merchant’s cart on fire. The Gorses (goat/horses)
- We caught and handed over a living sprite in a used potion vial.
- Roland cast water spells to stop the fire, while Scar used his training to stop/stun the Gnats (upon death they turn into Ash).

Glor Glock McGolory
– Merchant Robes
– Giant DBL Headed Axes with Runes
– Squished Top Hat

Glorious Emporium instead of McGolory Hole – saving the business.
- Located in the Merchant District

[ Day 2 ]

Watch Order: 1) Scar 2) Qyinn 3) Roland

There was as rustling in the bushes on 3rd watch; this turned out to be a hunter tracking pray (us) some 20 feet from our camp.

Surprised by the chetah who struck strong and true almost felling Scar

[ Day 3 ]

The party found a trail and traveled on it. At some point the path was lost and the party was in a swampy land. Following Scar the party was able to stay on course, yet avoid the quicksand

Session #1: Experience & Loot

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