Treasure Scales

Session #0: Characters

A summery of our first session.

Melissa put together our first session summery, drawing up some bullet points about what we talked about in regards to the city of Scale. I’d like everybody to make their own character page on this portal, even if it’s something small to start. I’ll be working on some lore, and also a page about house rules. If there is specific lore you might be interested in comment below.

About the city of Scale

  • Scale was settled on a non-typical landmass. If you picture a stalactite that has fallen from the sky (pointy end first of course) that is sticking out of a large river, the city of Scale resides on top. Where and how the landmass was formed is unknown. There are spines that are along the base of the mass and there are still signs of wooden ladders left behind by the first explorers that scaled the landmass, prior to the founding of the city.
  • All of the buildings of the city are made of the sturdy stone carved from the landmass, as this is the only materials (other than Ore) that can readily found.
  • Recently (in Elvin terms) a group of Druids have arrived in Scale and taken over an impoverished area of the city. They have grown many large trees in a central grove, and are attempting to further grow the ecosystem of the area so more plants and trees may one day grow, despite a complete lack of soil.
  • Most of the people that call Scale home are Humans and Dwarves. In addition there are merchants and other traders that may rent homes or dwellings during the trade seasons. While the city has a strong guard, it also has a seedy underbelly.
  • One of the signs that you are in Scale is the fact that all of the doors have their handles in the middle of the door. The handles are also carved or crafted in a way to announce the owner. So a Temple of the gods may have a holy symbol inspired handle / knocker on the door. Even without markings, the quality of the metal of the handle may give you a clue to the importance of the person that resides or works there.
  • Due to urbanization and dangerous predators many people have left their homes and dwellings behind for cities. This leaves behind many ruins and undiscovered plunder and wealth. With most people in cities feeling well defended, many seek to go and reclaim these lost treasures. Often you will find a group of treasure hunters in the employ of the city / government to gather trinkets, powerful equipment and magic for the city.



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