Roland Starchild

Human Cleric of Desna


A tall human with a scarred and sun-worn face stands before you. He wears simple cotton clothing over well-worn but exceptionally maintained scale armor. He might be intimidating with his large morning star a bright shield slung across his back but that impression melts away as he shoots you an easy smile and launces into a story about the open road and the truly free people who make it their home.


1 Morning Star
1 Set of chain mail
1 light steel shield
1 wooden holy symbol
1 magic holy symbol
1 spell component pouch
1 backpack
5 torches
1 bedroll
1 waterskin
50 ft hemp rope
2 glass bottles
10 sheets of blank paper (tied together loosely)
8 oz vial of ink
2 ink pen

46 gp
1 traveler’s outfit


For the first ten years of his life, Fayed called a prison cell his home. Born to a prostitute who had been imprisoned for life for her crimes, he first heard the name of Desna in the whispers of his mother’s prayers and the screams of prisoners begging for mercy.

When he was about ten years old, his mother died of pneumonia, with no one to care for the child, and since he had committed no crime, the state decided to release him to the priesthood of Desnu which had requested the release of all children born into bondage. The only requirement was that the priesthood be responsible for the boy since they did not want to release him only to have to catch him again for petty thievery.

Fayed learned much with the priests including the value of education and the wonders of freedom. He remembers all too well the stifling claustrophobia of a dungeon cell and yearns for the novel experiences brought by the open road. He also has a hatred of tyranny and the “justice” meted out by petty dictators.

Roland Starchild

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