Treasure Scales

Character Session

A Monk, Rogue, and Cleric walk into a bar...

Thanks everybody for coming to our preliminary session. I’ve invited everybody so they should be connected here soon, I believe you should be able to put your characters up here somehow. You can find the mp3 of our session here.

I mentioned better sheets, these are the best I’ve found.

Our first actual session is tentatively January 26th.


Mini Recap 01:

- Scale’s was settled on a non the typical landmass. If you picture a stalactite that has fallen from the sky (pointy end first of course) and is sticking out of a large river, the city of Scale resides on top. Where and how the landmass was formed is unknown. There are spines that are along the base of the mass and there are still signs of the ropes that blow in the breeze, left behind by the first explorers and bridge builders that scaled the landmass, prior to the founding of the city.

- All of the building are made of the stone carved from the landmass as this is the only materials (other than Ore) that can readily found.

- Recently (in Elvin terms) a group of Druids have arrived to the outskirts of the city and are attempting to grow an ecosystem where plants and trees may one day lead to the ability to grow life.

- Most of the people that call Scale home are made of Humans and Dwarves. In addition there are merchants and other traders that may rent homes or dwellings during the trade seasons.

- One of the signs that you are in Scale is the fact that all of the doors have their handles in the middle of the door. The handles are also carved or crafted in a way to announce the owner. So a Temple of the gods may have a holy symbol inspired handle/knocker on the door.

- In the past people left their homes and belongings (which were too difficult to bring) in the suburbs and rural areas in order to move into the cities. The items they left behind are typically knickknacks but there is always a chance something else that is waiting to be discovered.

Character Session

Going to post this, may make some minor edits. Thank you again for doing this. :)

Character Session

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